Bahama Shutters

Architectural Interest, Sun Protection, Privacy

You’ll be sitting pretty in the shade with our Bahama shutters providing sun protection and neighborhood privacy! Beautiful in architectural detail, durable, and ready for any type of weather, our Bahama shutters make a fabulous statement on any porch or window! This is the most beautiful way to add exterior sun protection and privacy to your home’s exterior!

Bahama Shutter Details

Bahama Shutter Styles & Louver Profiles

Endurance Heavy Duty Bahama

Greatest Outward Visibility
Wide Reinforced Chamfered Louvers
Bead Molding Frame
Heavy Duty Aluminum


Key West "Oval Louver" Bahama

More Interior Privacy / Less Visibility
Oval Shaped Louvers
Shaker Style Frame
​Standard Weight Aluminum


Key West "Z Louver" Bahama

Greatest Amount of Privacy/Least Visibility
Single Thickness “Z” Shaped Louvers
Shaker Style Frame
Lighter Weight Aluminum


Architectural & Standard Bahama Stays

(“Stays” are the arms at the bottom of the shutter that hold them out from the house.)

Architectural Stays
Standard Stays

Bahama Shutter Color Options

Bahama Panel Configurations


No subtitle – 1 bank of louvers


1 subtitle – 2 banks of louvers


2 subtitles – 3 banks of louvers


3 subtitles – 4 banks of louvers